Canal Houses Turned Museums

Then, exploring Canal Houses-turned-Museums to experience a look into the Dutch life to see what historical inputs they offered.

There was a Dutch Costume Museum, Klederdracht Museum on the Herengracht Canal, which I really liked.  The Vollendam dress that my Mother has was in the Museum. 

Just  down the canal street was the Willet-Holthuysen Museum, a double-fronted town house that was built in 1867, towards the end of Amsterdam’s Golden Age.  The family of Willet-Holthuysen lived here from 1861 to 1895; the home gives an idea of the lifestyle at the time.

On the Keizergracht Canal can be seen the Museum Van Loon, a magnificent private residence built in 1672 by the architect Adriaen Dortsman.  It is the traditional Dutch canal house with the garden and the coach house behind.  The Van Loon family were active merchants, one of the founders of the Dutch Far East Company – V.O.C.

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