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Living Green: Environmental Trends and Products

The Netherlands had cornered the market on clean energy centuries ago! Iconic windmills dot the Northern Europe landscape with technology that is still cutting-edge. The earth is ripe with opportunities to create the energy we need for everything from heating our homes to making our lattes steamy! Here are some local opportunities in the Bellevue area to live a bit greener:

Solar Power

Although one might think of sunnier locations when they think of solar power, our area is ripe for more solar conversion. Think about it. Our sunniest days are between June and September – which are also the longest in terms of number of hours of daylight. Between tax incentives and local utility incentives, solar energy may be cheaper than you think. Find out more:

Built Green

Thinking about a new home purchase or remodel? With the Built Green initiatives, it is easy to find a local builder or remodeling expert who can provide advice and plan for green innovations. By installing energy efficient furnaces, on-demand water heaters, and making sure your home is a tightly sealed envelope, are just some of the innovations that might be recommended. They can even provide advice on graywater or rainwater retention systems and choosing the best driveway materials to filter runoff.  Find out more:

Rain Gardens

Our area receives about 38 inches of rain per year. That results in millions of gallons of water running across roads and into our culverts. Rain gardens help filter that water and contain contaminants before they reach our streams and oceans. Our salmon and everything living in the Sound is much happier as a result! Find out how you can help:

Renewable Energy

Northwest S.E.E.D. (Sustainable Energy For Economic Development) educates, equips, and empowers communities to develop their own solutions that provide real community benefits. They focus on energy conservation, efficiency, and creation and storage of renewable energy as well as solar energy, wind energy, rural renewables, and other clean energy innovations. Learn more:

Calor Glass

Calor Glass is a French company that manufactures glass windows which heat the room while serving as a barrier to the outside air. The heating element is contained in the glass and frames of the windows, thus, eliminating the need for conventional heating systems.

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