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Northtowne / Clyde Hill

Northtowne is a section on Bellevue Way just to the south of 520. This is a very old section of town with a lot of older-style housing. As you can imagine, there have been a number of improvements along the way, so it is not unusual to see the old mixed in with the new!

The Bellevue Boys and Girls Club was founded in 1952 and offers the community recreation services for kids and teens. In addition, the Northwest Arts Center is host to theatrical performances and community meetings, and is also available for rental.

There are many higher-end enclaves within Northtowne. Bellewood Farms is its own neighborhood in Northtowne, a few blocks away from Bellevue Square and Downtown. Diamond S Ranch is also a hidden gem in Bellevue, with sprawling luxury and horse properties along with Linden Lane Homes. There is also Sherbourne, Spring Creek Homes, and a number of other special developments in the area.

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