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Lochleven / Meydenbauer

When I moved to Bellevue in 1966, Lochleven is where we called home. It is just west of Downtown (Old Bellevue). At the time, Lochleven was the main housing area aside from Medina. An MLS search calls this whole area “Meydenbauer” which is why we have two names in the title.

Bellevue Square was much smaller at that time as you can imagine! We really just had the Frederick and Nelson, JC Penney and the Nordstrom Best at that time and they were all outdoors! I also remember the very nice Crabapple restaurant and Bel-Vue theatre for a night out.

In 1892, the two-room Main Street School with a bell tower was built on the S. E. corner of 100th and Main Street where the Chevron is today. My neighbor, Mrs. Fenwick, attended this school. She was a member of the Garden Club and loved her roses.

Meydenbauer Bay is also home to the Whaler’s Cove Condominiums. You may not have known that this was home and headquarters of the American Pacific Whaling company until the 1940s owned by the Lagen Family. Today, the Bellevue Marina is located where the whaling company once was, with the red building still a remnant of that history!

From 1966-1969, I attended Bellevue High School. With my previous residency in France, at BHS I studied the French and Spanish languages with an interest in the Arts.  Since I was fluent in French, I was at the highest level of French for 3 years, with the Seniors! While living in Europe, we visited museums in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Brussels, piquing my interest in the Arts. In September 1969, I attended the first quarter of the new Bellevue Community College. A great beginning…look how Bellevue College has grown!

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