My International Experiences – Most Memorable!


In 1999, the Chateau of Versailles sustained enormous damage from a large storm, losing 10,000 trees.  They subsequently had a fundraising effort in 2000 to raise money to replant the gardens and repair the buildings.  I bought a tree through this fundraising effort and was glad to contribute to the rebuilding of Versailles.

When I was a girl living in Paris, I spent many Sunday afternoons at Versailles with my parents.  I also started equestrian pursuits in Versailles at the age of 8 years old.  My Mother and I spent many fun-filled hours riding horses in the ring and on trails in Versailles (see photo right – that’s me, getting to ride the grounds at age 8).

In April of 2016, I visited my tree in the Gardens of Versailles.  It is a beech tree with 16 years of growth so is quite large and healthy.  It is located on the Allee de la Reine in the Gardens of the Grand Trianon, Marie Antoinette’s House.  I can just imagine Marie Antoinette strolling up the avenue between trees, enjoying a spring afternoon!