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Living the Good Life!

A lovely drive through the Gers countryside brought me to the town of St. Puy.  The restaurant and farm of Terre Blanche serves excellent gourmet meals, along with tasty food products like pate de foie gras.

Close by to the Terre Blanche farm is the Chateau Monluc, a vineyard, creating its own sparkling wines with various other products of the vineyards:  Armagnac, Floc, red and white wine.  As the Chateau is sited atop a hill, it has a clear view of the nature and countryside.

A great way to spend the day, living the good life!

Lavardens Landscape
Lavardens Landscape


Valence-sur-Baise is a bastide town, founded in 1274 on the banks of the Baise river in the Gers department in the Midi-Pyrenees region.  The main part of town is centered around the church and central square, but Valence also has a river port. The town was originally surrounded by eight meter high ramparts with four large stone gateways.  Sections of the ramparts still exist along with one of the gates, the Porte d’Espagne also known as the ‘hedgehog’.  The ramparts are floodlit on a night making them very pleasant for an evening stroll.

Unique Church on the Main Square
Unique Church on the Main Square


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